Guten Tag! You may know us from www.thealancummingparty.4t.com
We decided to make a page all about us so it does'nt interfere with the Alaness. Also we love taking pictures and showing off for the camera! Enjoy! And Merci for stopping by.

All About Edward
Edward (who's real nameis Rachel) was given the name Edward by Domico who said that she reminded him of Edward fom Cowboy Bebop. She LOVES Marilyn Manson!!!! She also loves Dragonball Z, .hack//sign, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Blue Gender and Fruits Basket. Edward enjoy's watching Three's Company and reading X-men comics.

All About Lorelie
Lorelie(who's real name is Maggie) is an old fashioned kind of gal. She loves altering clothes,reading(just like Qiaochu)dreaming of opening a drag bar,watching movies(anything with Marilyn Monroe)and just lounging around being cheetahlicious.
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